Tidy up Your Engineering Calculations!

The Company

Adams Civil & Design’s, Chris Adams, does engineering and design work regarding wind, earthquake, pole, retaining wall and steel beam.   He uses analysis calculations every day in every project.

The Challenge

Adams Civil and Design needed a tidy solution for their calculations. They had been using spreadsheets for calculations which often turned into a very complex design tool. The problem with spreadsheets is that all those calculations are hidden in the formulae and cross references within the cells of the spreadsheet. While it was possible to examine the formula in each cell one at a time, understanding how an entire spreadsheet worked was often a monumental task making it difficult to use by anyone other than the original author.  

They wanted a solution that was simple, user-friendly, accurate and efficient.

The Solution

Chris Adams, Managing Director of Adams Civil and Design contacted Matrix for the perfect solution! Matrix provided “The Engineer's Document and Design System” (TEDDS).  

TEDDS is the ultimate productivity tool for day-to-day repetitive calculations. It replaces hand written calculations and is a standard tool for thousands of engineers around the world. Combining the capabilities of MS Excel and MathCAD working within the MS Word environment, TEDDS allows you to develop your own easily formatted professional engineering calculations. It is a revolutionary software package for every engineer who produces calculations, sketches, letters and reports. 

It's easy to learn because it's logical and intuitive, and works the same way engineers do! "TEDDS was very easy to self-train" says Chris, "We were up and working by the end of the first day".

The Result

The biggest benefit Adams Civil & Design has seen is in the way his calculations are presented so tidily using TEDDS.  "My calculations go through council review for permits a lot quicker, and I have the confidence that things are correct".  

Equally important are the significant time savings he has seen since using TEDDS - "there are significant time benefits to be realised, particularly by using templates".   Many templates come within TEDDS and there is the ability to create your own for commonly used functionality. This was especially relevant to the Adams Civil & Design business as there is a "very good template for a cantilevered retaining wall".

His customers also appreciate the new presentation of calculations.  A key customer asked, "What are you using to present your calculations - they are marvellous to work with".