Matrix validate designs and guide Galloway through the new tank standard



"Global customers come to us because we have great processes and are able to provide consistently high-quality products.  Having [Matrix] guiding the structural side of the design is very much a part of that."


The Company

Galloway International undertakes custom moulding, research and design of polyethylene custom moulding and has done for over 40 years. They principally make playground equipment, storage tanks and boats, taking particular pride in their ability to blend aesthetics with functionality and safety.

Galloway’s goal is always to innovate: there is constant innovation in polymers and Galloway aims to always be at the forefront of innovation in both form and function. Leaders in their field, their clients include companies across the globe such as McDonald’s, Oceaneering Inc, Biorock and Disney. Garth Galloway is the owner and director. 

The Challenge

The Australia/New Zealand rotomoulded tank standard (AS/NZ 4766) is the strictest in the world. Since 2006, FEA analysis to create a virtual prototype has been required, and since 2020 buried tanks and tanks containing hazardous substances have been included in the code. Other customer requirements may include a lifespan guarantee plus minimum shot weights, all of which FEA can be used to determine.

Galloway was one of the first to create a septic tank to meet the 2020 standard which requires that both FEA and physical testing (as per AS/NZS 1546: part 1) be carried out. The tank was for a company in Luxemburg that wanted to meet the world’s strictest code as proof of their durability.

Galloway needed skilled and reliable experts to validate their designs and guide them through the process of the new tank standard.

The Solution

By partnering with Matrix, Galloway has a reliable team of engineers to utilise on an as-needed basis. FEA of designs first identifies tank issues before they happen and, secondly, suggests design changes before production, reducing prototyping costs and increasing profits. 

When he has a design to be tested, Garth calls his lead contact directly to discuss it. “Then I send over our 3D drawings, confirming the wall thickness, shape and material. In 3-4 days, or sooner, he comes back to me. If he says something won’t work, he offers suggestions to overcome it. We receive a full report on the design; it’s always substantial and very thorough.”

The Result

Once the design for the Luxemburg company was built, the Galloway team had to immerse this underground septic tank in water up to the top of the riser, leave for 7 days, measure the deflections and compare them with the FEA results. The agreement was very good and it was passed by the WorkSafe design verifier. “Our client was pleased.”

Garth has worked with many of the Matrix team over the years and knows he can trust any of the team with his designs. With satisfied customers and successful designs, Galloway has a reliable design partner in Matrix.