Sawrey save precious time by automating their own calculations

The Company

Sawrey Consulting Engineers is a growing structural engineering consultancy.  Serving New Zealand from greater Wellington, Sawrey Consulting Engineer's main focus is with earthquake engineering in Christchurch and Wellington, structural and seismic design, the assessment and seismic retrofit of building structures, and parts and components such as ceilings and plant restraints.  
The company remains up to date with current trends in the building and construction industry and adopts them for use when appropriate. 
The company continuously follows the development of engineering design standards, both in New Zealand and internationally. 

The Challenge

A difficulty with structural engineering calculations is being able to see everything on the page so peer reviewers can follow.  Also to efficiently update information and provide to peer reviewers rapidly whenever there is a change or variation. 

The Solution

Matrix Applied Computing Ltd outlined the capability of Tedds and specifically how it could save them precious time by automating their calculations. 

The Result

Ian MacDonald from Sawrey Consulting Engineers Ltd says,
“The user friendly interface and its neat and rapid reporting makes TEDDS the go to tool for 2D frame analysis, rigid diaphragm force distribution, beam analysis and section property calculations. It’s the best tool on the market for engineers when it comes to automating your own calculations, it has extensive section data lists and tables and you can see all the workings on the page along with automating the units, this is fantastic for managing quality and risk when it comes to the numbers.  One of the difficulties with structural engineering calculations is updating everything when you have a change or variation, it’s still a pain but a lot easier and quicker to deal with when you can use the automation of TEDDS. The application of an NZ library would be an additional asset to the engineering community. We look forward to seeing the growth of TEDDS in NZ.”