New Zealand Oil Services - Cause for Celebration!

The Company

New Zealand Oil Services operate, maintain and develop energy storage terminals across New Zealand, providing terminal services to our two shareholders, BP Oil and Z Energy, including management of incoming product via shipping and tank truck loadings. 
Their purpose is to store and transfer liquid fuels like petrol and diesel in a safe, efficient manner.  This is vitally important to the success of the New Zealand economy.  They are a critical part of the supply chain which provides this essential energy to New Zealand. 

The Challenge

The big challenge was management and control of the engineering drawing process, involving external consultants and staff on site at the storage terminals. 

The central drawing office in Wellington HQ often had in excess of 3000 drawings (out of a total of 12,000) needing to be reconciled.  In addition, each CAD drawing had to be manually generated as a .pdf and with several multi-sheet drawings, each sheet involved a wait of several minutes to print. 

The Solution

New Zealand Oil Services were already using BlueCielo Meridian for drawing management, and Matrix recommended improved workflows to identify and track drawings through to completion and the deployment of the Meridian Publisher module to automate the .pdf printing process.  An automated monthly report, sent via email, was also setup that pulled document project status data from the Meridian System and the ERP system. 

Steve Luck, Drafting Co-ordinator, worked closely with Matrix consultants who spent two days on site every few months to understand the detailed requirements and deploy a customised solution.  Once implemented, Matrix consultants attended to every concern and helped refine the system to make it an exact fit. 

The Result

Steve reports "For the first time I can remember since working at NZOSL the number of drawings tagged out is under 1000 in fact 919.  This big reduction is in part due to the return of a very large number of electrical drawings which have now been audited and returned to the database". 
He goes on to say "The drawing database is functioning very very well, the hard work and money put into upgrading the software and programming earlier in the year has paid off in spades.  Out of hundreds of uploaded drawings returned in the last few weeks I have a report of just 10 that need investigating as to why they won't publish on the website in PDF form.  That's outstanding!"
"I'm getting monthly automated reports of the number of drawings tagged out, and to which contractors, and will keep working through the rats and mice to whittle the numbers down". 
As a result, New Zealand Oil Services has experienced an increase in EDMS efficiency, an increase in associated data accuracy and a simplification in the EDMS processes.  All of which benefits the end user of the energy - you and me.