The Lines Company and MatrixCARE helpdesk

Help is a phone call away.

When she has a question, a problem or hits a snag in her daily work, Jenni Davies just picks up the phone and calls Matrix. 

The Lines Company, where Jenni works in Te Kuiti, has a matrixCARE helpdesk program, so Jenni can call about any aspect of her CAD/GIS work, hardware, software or peripherals.  Matrix, with coverage nationwide, have visited Jenni on site in the past year.  

They understand:

  • how her system is set up
  • which customisations are relevant
  • which New Zealand standards are being adhered to
  • which other programs Jenni has to exchange data with
  • what versions of software and java code she has
Using this local knowledge, and their expertise in the Bentley products, Matrix logs the calls in their helpdesk, responds quickly and tracks those response times, appropriately escalating the call when appropriate.

To Jenni, the matrixCARE helpdesk has made a difference to her daily work.  

She says: “When I use matrixCARE helpdesk I get an answer promptly and it’s an answer I can understand – Matrix speaks my language”.

As a Bentley SELECT subscriber, Jenni also has the freedom to call Bentley for support, and has used this service too. 

Jenni describes her experience: “I was trying to use the Bentley 0800 support and was really frustrated.  I felt should be able to get support when paying for SELECT services.”

Jenni has found the simple solution.  She supplements her Bentley SELECT subscription with a matrixCARE program, because Matrix understands her.