Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Virtual Prototyping - the fastest and most cost-effective way to reduce your time-to-market while improving quality is in the use of pre-production analysis.  Multiple prototypes, product recalls, too much material – these are problems that plague developers and can be addressed by virtual prototype development.  Matrix offers New Zealand’s leading Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and other engineering analysis products and consultant expertise, with years of experience in a variety of industries.

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Matrix has specialist analysts on board with over 80 man-years of experience, including fully internationally certified engineers.
  • Engineering Design and Analysis
    We offer a full range of Finite Element Analysis services including:
    • Linear static analysis (specialist area pressure vessels)
    • Composite analysis – extremely proficient model development using laminates modeller tool and in-house developed software
    • Linear dynamics including natural frequency, frequency response, transient response, response spectrum and random response
    • Non linear static including material non-linear, large displacement and contact
    • Non-linear dynamics including explicit dynamics
    • Heat transfer both linear and non-linear including conduction, convection and radiation
    • Flow, heat and mass transfer using computation fluid dynamics
    • Motion simulation including both rigid and flexible body dynamics
  • Formal computer based design optimisation
  • Injection molding simulation
  • Original design including development of models, prototype manufacture, testing and simulation
  • Stress and vibrational analysis
  • Customisation of CAE analysis to workflows
  • Training in general, FEA as well as specific products