Are you spending many frustrating hours doing hand calculations? 

PVE5 assists in pressure vessel engineering and heat exchanger design by minimizing the time spent carrying out complex calculations by hand. Providing comprehensive design and analysis to both ASME VIII and PD5500 Whessoe Computing Systems’ PVE5 offers unparalleled ease of use.

Reduce design time while improving accuracy

PVE5 embodies the experience of the Whessoe Group in designing pressure vessels since the turn of the twentieth century and more recently the reactor vessels for the UK's power generation programme. PVE5 provides considerable benefits over carrying out calculations by hand and is constantly updated to reflect the latest code additions and modifications removing the need to continuously modify in-house spreadsheets. This allows effective use of designers time ensuring they can focus on the overall design concepts.

Business Benefits

  • Results are presented in a format suitable for direct presentation to clients and authorities saving more time.
  • Accuracy is improved through avoidance of human error and increased consistency of calculations.
  • Accidental omissions of checks required by design codes are avoided ensuring improvements in up-front code compliance.
  • Design optimisation through the fast and efficient assessment of options allowing the designer to minimize material costs.
  • Quicker acceptance of the design by verifying authorities using PVE5

Who Could Benefit?

All mechanical or process engineers responsible for the design and maintenance of pressure vessels.  

Product Detail

PVE5 performs design and compliance calculations in accordance with PD 5500 and ASME VIII. Databases of material stresses for the two codes are provided as an integral part of the package. PVE5 is used for a variety of pressure vessel and heat exchanger calculations including:
  • Barrels, dished ends and cones for external pressure
  • Wind and earthquake loads on vertical vessels
  • Stresses due to local loads on shells
  • FDA5 Flange design
  • Tubesheet layout optimisation and drawing.

Why Matrix?

With ten years experience in pressure vessel design and over 70 man-years of analysis experience across multiple industry sectors Matrix technical specialists can assist you to solve your engineering problems. In addition to software Matrix provides a full range of training, support and consulting services to deliver results for your project.

More Information

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