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Need to utilise engineering composites to improve performance? 
Matrix has extensive composites experience to support you
With its core expertise in routine finite element analysis it has been a natural progression for Matrix to develop extensive expertise and experience in the analysis of composite materials. 

Testing and validation of this experience dates back to the first successful Team New Zealand Americas Cup (AC) campaign in 1995. Since then Matrix has analysed over 100 advanced composite structures from the Callan48 (>250mph racing catamaran) through to the latest Team New Zealand Americas Cup yacht for the challenge in Valencia, Spain.

Composite materials provide substantial performance gains over standard engineering materials. These materials are especially popular in the marine, aerospace and automotive industries where their stiffness to weight ratios and increased structural damping offer significant advantages. 

The design and analysis of composite structures however is challenging due to the anisotropic nature of the materials and the construction methods used. Successful use of finite element analysis with composite materials requires the analyst to account for both of these aspects. While the majority of commercial FEA codes handle anisotropy effectively the application of the construction technique, and especially fabric draping, to the model are not so easily handled. Matrix can assist with these difficult problems.

Business Benefits
  • Improve performance (eg. speed or fuel consumption) by increasing the use of composites in your design
  • Increase quality and reliability by reducing the risk of failure with FEA analysis of composite structures.
  • Lower testing costs through the use of virtual prototyping removing wasteful build and test iterations.
Who Could Benefit?
  • Marine designers
  • Aeronautical engineers
  • Automotive engineers
  • Transportation engineers
  • Power generators
Solution Specifics
Leading-edge technology tools are applied in the FEA analysis of composite structures. These include specialist add-on and proprietary software to:
  • Account for fabric draping in FEA stiffness
  • Calculate flat patterns for fabric components
  • Correctly post/process finite element results for composite materials
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Customer Success

Due to the highly confidential nature of the composites work carried out by Matrix we cannot share any of our many customer success stories. To the right however, is a paper from the JEC 2006 conference detailing advanced composites analysis techniques for the  marine industry developed by Matrix in conjunction with High Modulus.

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