Engineering Document Management (EDM)

Having problems keeping track of document versions?  Can't find the right information?  

Control your documents with EDM 
EDM can assist you by configuring and customising your document management requirements. Documents versions are automatically tracked ensuring that retrieval and sharing of information becomes seamless organisation wide. Remove the risk of working to the wrong version and eliminate wasted hours of searching through files to find the information you need.

Business Benefits

  • Store all your document formats, including CAD, in a single location
  • Tailored solution to suit your business
  • Manage workflows and engineering change via the EDM system
  • Improve productivity through faster information retrieval
  • Share information easily company-wide
  • Share information with remote users via the web
  • Increased production output by reduction of process downtime
  • Better compliance with quality, environmental and legal regulations
  • Increased product quality and reduced delivery time

Who Could Benefit? 
All owners, managers and employees of engineering and manufacturing firms that need to share information internally or externally.

Solution Specifics
Matrix and Accruent work together to deliver solutions that strategically leverage engineering data to enhance, automate and streamline business processes in organisation, both large and small, throughout the information lifecycle.

In a world driven by global communications, it is now more important than ever for people and organisations to collaborate with each other. Ideas, projects, documents and data can now be shared and distributed rapidly and efficiently. 

Whether plant equipment needs routine maintenance, a bridge is constructed to connect two countries or a new appliance designed, there is no doubt that all relevant technical information needs to be readily available from start to finish of the project to all parties involved.

Accruent Meridian provides robust, highly scalable data management solutions to corporate divisions and engineering departments.

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Customer Success
Accruent Meridian is used in New Zealand and globally, assisting companies to continuously innovate and achieve excellence in all lifecycle phases of mission critical, revenue generating data.  Select the links under ‘Case Studies’ to investigate the success stories.

More Information

Document management solutions are tailored to the needs of each business. Contact Matrix and let us help you chart your course for improved information management within your organisation.