CAD & GIS Data Sharing

Need to share spatial data within and outside your organisation?
But locked in a propriety CAD or GIS format?

Matrix can help with implementation of open-standards solutions that unlock your data from CAD and GIS. 
Using flexible programming technology, your valuable data can be turned into shared business information.

Business Benefits
Extend the value of your maps, designs and other data.  Integrate multiple servers, build custom applications, and handle more business information for  faster and better decision making.

  • derive maximum value from your valuable data
  • share with stakeholders inside and outside your organisation
  • break the lock on propriety GIS and CAD formats
  • merge spatial information from mixed sources and data formats
  • communicate in one coherent internet-based medium

Who Could Benefit?
Many stakeholders, inside and outside, stand to benefit from open distribution and sharing of spatial information:

  • GIS and CAD administrators - combine presentation
  • Drawing Offices - easily answer requests for information
  • Inter-departmental sharing - beyond the traditional GIS users
  • Public communications - add value to your outside service

Solution Specifics
Oracle open spatial and others offer open technology to unlock and share your information.

Customer Success
Matrix has implemented flexible spatial information solutions for several key customers in New Zealand.  Contact us to find out more and browse the Case Studies to hear about customer success.

More Information
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Contact Matrix to discuss your spatial information management needs and we'll openly consider and present some options for an effective solution.