Spatial Information Management
Are Systems Issues Impacting Your Infrastructure Asset Management ? 
Are the problems of interfacing the specialist systems used by specific users (CAD, GIS and Asset Management) stopping you from delivering industry best practice in information management?

An Integrated Solution For Managing Spatial Asset Information
Matrix provides water and electricity network operators with a single point of truth for asset information reflecting industry-leading data quality standards. Using a single database, the needs of the various user groups (including engineering and GIS) within your organisation are met without the need to duplicate, exchange, convert or re-enter information.

By removing the traditional delays, errors, and inefficiencies associated with separate CAD, GIS and Asset Management systems there will be a significant increase in the organisation resources available to meet operational KPIs.

Business Benefits
By using integrated asset information solutions rather than standalone systems you will find that:
  • asset data is validated against industry quality standards
  • all operational areas are supported – whatever software they use
  • silos of information are replaced by a single point of truth
  • your existing systems are spatially enabled
  • spatially-enabled asset information is available via your intranet
Who Could Benefit? 
The integrated asset information solution provided by Matrix provide greatest benefits to:
  • asset owners and their partners wanting to validate the data they use to determine where best to target investments and operational efforts
  • organisations that want to ensure data quality despite changes in staff and uneven skill levels
  • organisations that want to improve the amount and quality of asset information available to non-specialist, remote, and external users
  • organisations that want a proven solution that is cost-effective and available quickly
Solution Specifics
If you want to remove the traditional divisions between CAD, GIS and Asset Management, you will be reassured to know that Matrix’ proposed integrated solution:
  • is proven – and in daily use by a large number of customers
  • makes use of standard technology components
  • works with the software applications you use now
  • is supported from within New Zealand
Customer Success
See Case Studies and also browse the Open Spatial site.

More Information

See Case Studies and also browse here for more information.

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