Training @ Matrix

Matrix offers flexible training to best match the needs of our Customers.  Training can be offered at Matrix, allowing you to focus on learning away from the office; or on-site if you prefer.  Standard training courses are sometimes developed by our software vendor partners and delivered by Matrix or our partners.  Customised training can also be developed and delivered to custom fit your needs.

Some of the most common courses are outlined below, but Contact Matrix to discuss any training needs you may have now or in the future.

As the NZ partner for the Bentley Systems suite of products, Matrix offers training courses in the core products. Discussion of your specific requirements for specialist courses are welcomed. Contact us to discuss Bentley product training. 

Finite Element Analysis
One of our most popular and well attended courses, Matrix offers general intro and advanced FEA training on a regular basis.  The training covers the basic principles of FEA and how they apply practically to design and analysis work in the industry.  Custom courses can also be delivered to focus on certain disciplines. Contact us to discuss FEA training
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Matrix offers a training course focussing on the practical aspects of using CFD.  This course is an excellent starting point for engineers wishing to use CFD in practical applications and for managers who must review findings from CFD studies. Contact us to discuss CFD training 
Aras Innovator
Standard or custom courses to increase your PLM knowledge base.  Matrix can provide training on our premises or at your location. 

Accruent Meridian
As the New Zealand reseller for Accruent Document Management Systems Meridian, Matrix offers regularly scheduled training courses in both these products, in addition to Customer specific training.