Plant Information Management
Is Your Plant Information Trapped In Specialist Applications ? 
If you are like most companies, each phase of the plant lifecycle (design, engineer, build, commission, operate, maintain) involves the collaboration between many parties – often using their own software applications. To deal with this reality - information is often exchanged via paper copies, and re-entered multiple times.

Enabling Electronic Plant Information Workflows
Matrix provides solutions that allows teams to collaborate in the creation, revision, enhancement and publication of plant information – regardless of the specialist software their work requires, and their location. 

By removing the traditional barriers of communication, plant information (both documents and data) can be easily exchanged  between people and applications, reviewed, approved, and made available to anyone who needs it.

Business Benefits
By electronically providing each group of users with a view of the information they require from the engineering (mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, process) and/or other plant applications (asset management, ERP, maintenance management, real-time systems) – those users are able to  their work faster, and with fewer errors.

Who Could Benefit?
Plant information management solutions specifically benefit companies that:
  • want to to eliminate time for managing the versions of documents, related files, and document sets
  • want to make it possible for non-specialist users without access to specialist systems to locate and view and print approved versions of documents
  • want to create a single view of information across its engineering and non-engineering systems
  • want to exchange information between engineering and other systems
  • want to provide controlled sharing of documents with other facilities, and with partners and vendors
Solution Specifics 
Matrix has a proven track record in providing plant information solutions with:
  • technology components from industry-leading plant information vendors
  • an experienced, NZ based team
  • proven methodologies and approaches
  • use of standard technologies
Customer Success 
See Case Studies as a few examples of the way we have solved specific plant information management challenges for our customers.  There are many examples in New Zealand, contact us for references. 

More Information
If you want our opinion on how you might solve your company’s specific challenges, contact us or use the “request more info” button below.

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